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Guerilla · Croquet · Attack!

The Journal of the Metropolitan Society of Croquet Commandos

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Who amongst you would faint dead away were I to do something shocking like, say, wear trousers as a gentleman might?

I am, after all, the Scandalous Lady Johnson. I do so love to cause a fuss with my many lovers and my particular peculiarities.

I shall search high and low for a dress that I find suitable, but the damnable things often elude me. One simply cannot lounge comfortably in petticoats! Why not wear slacks as the gentlemen do?

Current Mood:
horny scandalous
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I would dearly love to try for a fall tournament, perhaps the weekend of the 27th or during the first weeks of November before Thanksgiving has us all busy, once more.

Do you think this might be possible?

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hopeful hopeful
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So, ladies and gentleman, when will our fall Croquet Attack take place?
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My fellow Commandos, I proudly present photographs from our gathering on Saturday.
* * *
While I thought the Marquis might be making a JEST, apparently his Plan to expand our SEASONS of PLAY seems to be one Others have Tried.


DARE we Try THIS? With Mufflers, Scarves, and Mallets? Much of the Hot COCOA-Drink would be REQUIRED.

Yrs All Year, Chilled or Nay,

William, Lord Tallest

Post scriptum: I feel I would be remiss if I did not point out that I am QUITE serious that we should indeed DARE TRY. It came to my attention reviewing the Above Diary Entry that it was made by a fellow Alumnus. There is a Particular MADNESS about Winter Activities force-fed into the students of that CHILLY seat of learning. While Yours Truly was never a Witness to "Snowquet on the Midway," it is not without the bounds of possibility. Had it been offered, I would have lept on the chance. I hesitate to relate the Winter Games I did perform while at school; there are Ladies and Sensitives reading this, after all.
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